Skunk Removal and Trapping in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts & Vermont

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The two complaints we get about skunks are the tearing up of the lawns and the smell. If it were not for those two problems with skunks we would get barely any calls about skunks. Skunks are very docile and can often be carried out of the kitchen or other room, when skunks come in through pet doors, Skunks den up in borrows for the winter where skunks stay until around the end of January when the male skunks go out and search for female skunks to breed with. After the breeding season which can last as long as march. Skunks will den up again until the spring thaw. The baby skunks are born mostly in may but can overlap months according to the breeding season. gestation is a little over 8 weeks and they have up to 8 baby skunks per litter.

Baby skunks can spray the day they are born but do not find their powers until later when they start to walk around at around 2 months old. Baby skunks will spray for no reason at all but to test their glands and get used to the muscle action from the glands which are located next to the anus, one on each side. Adult skunks seem to only spray for 3 reasons : If they are startled, attacked or during breeding season. Many times I have found opossums denning close to or if not with skunks.

Once the skunks and any other animal is trapped out from under sheds, houses or other structures we can give a price quote for sealing the entire parameter of the area with a guarantee on the sealing.

Removing Skunks

If you have skunk problems or getting rid of skunk creatures is a problem then you’ve come to the right place. Removing skunks can be difficult so leave it up to the experts. We offer a quality skunk removal service.

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We are humane animal removal and wildlife removal services. We are a family owned and operated business in animal damage control wildlife removal control. We are professional and highly qualified.


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