Raccoon Removal in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts & Vermont

Raccoons destroy attics insulation, rip open gable end vents, tear off roof shingles trying to get into the roof, cause biological hazards with their droppings, get into trash cans, raid goldfish ponds and many other things that we don’t want. Raccoons search for dens in the fall, they breed anywhere from December to February and the young are born 9 weeks later in the spring. the litter size is 2-6, most litters are around 3. We have had a few litters with 8 but that is rare. There will be 1-3 adult raccoons in a denning site, all of the adults will be females. The lead female can have females with her from previous litters. She will chase all males away because the males will kill the young, Because of this Finding denning sites with all males is common. Once the young start to develope if they are in your house they will make chirping noises that sound like large birds.

The mother at this time will be moving around during the day, most people think that when they see a raccoon or other nocturnal animal out during the day that the animal automatically rabid, this is not true, most times it is the mother looking for food to eat to either keep her milk up for nursing or to bring back to her young once they have started eating solid food.

When the raccoon young are around 2 1/2 months old they will start to leave the den with her. Mother raccoons will usually leave the chimney, house or building in June and then she will not return until the following November.

The mother raccoon is trapped out and the baby raccoons can be brought to a wildlife rehabilitator to receive shots, raised and set back out into the wild. Baby Wildlife that have never left the nest will not know to return to a house but wildlife that have lived in a home or other structure will most times return to another structure to live. In states where it is legal to bring the baby wildlife to a wildlife rehabilitator that is what is done.

Because of the aggressive nature of wildlife, no matter how cute they seem to be, It is best to call us instead of risking harm to yourself or anyone else.

Raccoon Removal

If you have a raccoon problem then look no futher. We offer raccoon pest control and raccoon removal. Raccoon trapping can be tricky so leave it up to us.

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We are humane animal removal and wildlife removal services. We are a family owned and operated business in animal damage control wildlife removal control. We are professional and highly qualified.


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