Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I am hearing a certain noise, what is it?

Whatever noise you hear, it is important to make notes of a few things: What you hear, ( ie = Scratching, gnawing, scurrying around. ) Where you are hearing the noise, The time of day or night and the weather conditions outside.

I am hearing what sounds like birds inside my chimney flue. What can that be?

The two most common things found in chimneys are Mother raccoons with her babies and Chimney swifts. Leave the flu closed and call us, Raccoons also make nests in attics and nest into the insulation. They will make a denning site anyplace that provides cover and safety for their young. Male raccoons will also nest in these places, Some signs are torn open Gable end vents, poop on the roof or wooden siding torn open from their exiting and entering. we can be reached anytime during the day or night. Mother raccoons are very dangerous to deal with and can cause harm. raccoon droppings are also hazardous. Chimney swifts are federally protected and cannot be removed without a special permit.

Why are squirrels so dangerous to homes?

Any rodent living in your house is dangerous. All rodents have incisors that continue to grow and because of this they need to be sharpened on a regular basis. one of the things that mice, squirrels, chipmunks and flying squirrels chew on are electrical wires. Because of this there are no rodents that are safe to have in your house. We can trap or exclude the rodents out and put a guarantee on the sealing. Large amounts of rodent droppings can be a biological hazard also, they can hold a host of different viruses.

After removing the wild animals, what about the droppings left behind?

While a few droppings are not dangerous. there are sometimes that the fecal matter has built up enough so that they can hold viruses and diseases. We can inspect and find out if there is a potential hazard and give you a quote on removing the hazard and disinfecting the site.

Are bats dangerous?

Bats are not dangerous, They do not attack people in north America. even vampire bats basically feed on the side of larger animals like cattle. When a bat is flying around in your home, it only wants to get outside. The bat wants nothing to do with you, only to feed outside. Bat are very gentle and actually one of the most caring creatures in north America. The reason most bats get into living quarters is because the bat most times are living in your house and followed the wrong air current and get lost. many times juvenile bats are the ones that get lost most frequently. this happens alot in August and September when the bats are just learning to fly. For this reason we come out to many houses at 2 am. If a bat is flying around, confine it to one room and stuff a towel under the door so it cannot crawl under it.

What do you do with the bat when you catch it?

If we are able to find the bat and depending on which state you live in, we can release the bat outside, Some people wish to have the bat tested for rabies. Some states make it mandatory. Rabies is very scary to most people but the facts are that less than 1% of all bats even have rabies. The center for disease control has guidelines and because of this we must recommend going to their website. How we personally feel is different from what is put as official protocol.

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